Traditional side dishes or  banchan  accompany every meal.

Traditional side dishes or banchan accompany every meal.

Food is a defining element of Korean culture. Korean cuisine is largely based upon rice, vegetables, and meats. Traditional Korean meals include a number of side dishes (banchan) that accompany steam-cooked short-grain rice.  Kimchi, a traditional side dish made of various fermented seasoned vegetables, most commonly nappa cabbage, is the perfect accompaniment to any meal.  A meal without kimchi is unthinkable for most Koreans.  Common ingredients in traditional Korean cuisine include gochujang (fermented red pepper paste), doenjang (fermented soy bean paste), soy sauce, garlic, ginger, red pepper powder, crushed sesame seed, sesame oil, salt, and green onion.

We invite you to experience the unique and delicious flavors of Korean cuisine at Gangnam Korean Restaurant, where we use only the freshest ingredients for our traditional family recipes and prepare each dish to order.